Terminal Expansion Project

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Over the course of this project, we will be adding content to this page as new information becomes available.  This project is expected to span approximately a three-year time frame.


The September construction work included interior and exterior work on Concourse A as well as concrete pours of the aircraft parking ramp, tying it into the Terminal Building.  Exterior work included installing channels for the siding, siding, insulation panels for the roof of the Great Room, additional roofing work on the east wall of the Great Room, sheet metal on the east wall of the Great Room, and installation of a freight elevator.  Interior work included readying the new restrooms for tile and the start of construction on the new concourse restaurant and gift shop.

Concourse A: Exterior and Interior and Ramp - September 2021


August construction work continued on Concourse A and the Great Room.  Exterior insulation was completed and tracks installed in preparation for the siding and the siding installation began.  Concrete foundations were being smoothed and sealed.  The east wall of the Great Room was under construction with wall steel, studs and panels being installed.  Several early morning concrete pours took place to connect the aircraft parking ramp to the Terminal Building.  Construction began on the new gift shop, restaurant and TSA screening area.

Concourse A and Great Room Continued - August 2021


Construction work during July was primarily comprised of additional steel work on the Concourse A and Great Room exteriors. The steel work was progressing in preparation for closing in the areas.

Concourse A and Great Room Exteriors - July 2021


Construction work during June included continuation of some exterior work on Concourse A and the Great Room and also saw a significant amount of progress with interior work such as the skylights, the sprinkler system, HVAC work in the holdrooms, framing for the individual family-style restrooms, and the beginning of the installation of wall studs and sheetrock.

Concourse A and Great Room Interiors - June 2021


May construction work continued on the exterior of Concourse A and the Great Room, as well as utility work on an electrical transformer, exterior stairwells for roof and freight elevator access,  additional concrete pours, and wrapping up the installation of the steel I-beams to support the walls and roof structure.

Concourse A and Great Room Steel and Exterior


The April construction work continued the work on the steel and blue-skin protective covering for the walls of Concourse A and the Great Room, in preparation for the siding.  Steel panels were installed in the south stairwell and freight elevator. Ceiling trusses to support the Great Room roof were set. Concrete pours for the exit ramp to baggage claim were also completed. 

Concourse A and Great Room Steel and Floors


Construction work in March focused on the flooring and walls for Concourse A and the Great Room.  Skylights in Concourse A are installed and visible for the first time. This work involved a lot of equipment and manpower requiring close coordination.

Concourse A and Great Room Construction


Progress on the construction of the new Concourse A continued in February, despite some wintery weather conditions.  The work focused on the steel erection, installation of I-beams to support the new roof and skylight structure, steel decking and multiple concrete pours.

Concourse A - Steel Erection - Decking - Concrete Pours


With a mild winter, construction progressed with few delays.  Steel work was the focus of most of the winter work.  Structural beams were set in place for interior wall column supports, exterior wall column supports, and the roof.  Steel bridge decking was laid in place and pinned over the steel floor beam.

Concourse A - Structural Beam Installation


Construction has progressed throughout the summer and fall.  The focus has been on site work and utility work for the new A Concourse.

Concourse A - Site Work

Concourse A - Overhead View

Remote Ramp


The Terminal Expansion Project is underway!

Demolition and Construction of Phase I kicked off with the Groundbreaking Ceremony on September 23, 2019.  A significant amount of site work was involved, including the removal of old underground utilities and the installation of new underground utilities, and airfield ramp work.  A new stair tower was constructed on the west end of the Terminal and a Regional Gate remodeled to accommodate relocating the Essential Air Service provider, Cape Air, to the west end of the Terminal, in order to make room for all the other airlines to operate from the east end of the Terminal  out of the B Concourse. 

Phase II followed immediately after the completion of Phase I.  This phase involves all new construction, including a new A Concourse, new areas for TSA Queuing and Passenger Screening, a new Great Room with Passenger Seating and Workspace, a new Fireplace and Bar, a new Restaurant and Gift Shop.

A Summary of the Project phases and photo presentations of the Phase I work follow.

Terminal Expansion Project Summary

Groundbreaking Ceremony 

Phase I Demolition

New Regional Airline Gate

Ramp Work


The Airport will begin work on the Terminal Expansion Project with the launch of the project next month.  The project is anticipated to take approximately four years to complete the remodel and expansion work.  A link to this Billings Gazette article  or this  Billings Gazette opinion provide additional information on what will occur during the project time period, the project costs and funding.


Preliminary work that is necessary prior to the beginning of construction is expected to begin in September 2019 after the summer travel season concludes.  The design process is nearing completion.  A link to a video view of the new Concourse level is available below.


The design process continues as the design is being refined and moving towards finalization.  A link for the updated renderings of the new Terminal Expansion is available below.


Preliminary design has been underway for some months.  The public will have an opportunity to preview the future Terminal Concourse Expansion and offer comments on the schematic design, potential finishes and future amenities that may be incorporated into the final design.  An open house will be hosted at the Airport's Operations Center located 2281 Overlook Drive, on Thursday, October 4, 2018 between 5:30 and 7:00 PM for this public preview.

Links for additional information are included below:

The Airport also welcomes public comment via a short online survey regarding amenities in the new future expanded Concourse area.

Concept renderings of the Terminal Expansion Project that were on display during the October 4th open house are now available online by selecting the link in the list below.

Link for additional information is included below: