Master Plan


The Master Plan for Billings Logan International Airport provides a development and expansion framework for a 20-year planning period. The purpose of an airport master plan is to provide the structure needed to guide future airport development that will cost-effectively satisfy aviation demand, and consider potential environmental and socio-economic impacts.

Mead & Hunt

The consulting firm, Mead & Hunt, assisted the Airport with the planning process. They conducted independent research and work with Airport management and the community to identify future needs and to establish a solid long-term plan.

Master Plan Goals & Objectives

The goal of the airport master planning process is to provide guidelines for general facility development that satisfy aviation demand, while remaining compatible with the environment, other modes of transportation, community development, and other established community goals. Specific objectives of the Billings Logan International Airport Master Plan were to:
  • Prepare a 20-year development plan that is technically correct, environmentally sound, financially viable, and able to be implemented.
  • Identify the overall land requirements that will ensure the Airport’s long-term operational viability.
  • Establish a process that allows ample opportunity for public participation.

Master Plan Information

A copy of the Master Plan is available for review in the Document Center.