Annual Construction Projects

2023 Airport Construction Projects

Each year the Airport plans and schedules construction projects concerning the airfield, airport grounds and airport buildings. Most of these projects are included in the Airport's approved Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).   A copy of the approved CIP is available in the Document Center.

The Airport Construction Projects planned for the 2023 construction season are:

  • Carpet Installation and Replacement Project. This project will replace approximately 13,623 square feet of existing carpet in the Terminal baggage claim and airline ticket counter areas.  The existing carpet was installed in 2016 and will be salvaged and repurposed to the new City offices in the Stillwater Building.  The existing terrazzo tile flooring between the revolving Doors 1-4 was installed in 1992 and has numerous cracks from the ground shifting between cold winters and hot summers.  Approximately 9,970 square feet of the 30-year old terrazzo flooring will be covered with new carpet tiles.  The new carpet will provide a refreshed, updated look to the front of the Terminal Building blending well with the new Concourses.
  • Airport Terminal Baggage Claim Restroom Remodel Project.  This project will remodel approximately 1,000 square feet of the men's and women's restrooms in the Terminal baggage claim area.  These restrooms were constructed during the 1991 Terminal Expansion of the baggage claim area.  These 30-year old restrooms need to be updated and rehabilitated.  New tile flooring, countertops, fixtures and partitions will be installed.  One new family restroom and one new lactation room will be added during this project.  This project will provide a refreshed, updated look to the front of the Terminal Building and blend well with the new Concourse finishes.
  • Airport Terminal Steam Boiler Replacement Project.  This project will replace a steam boiler that provides heat throughout the Terminal Building.  The existing boiler was installed in 2001, and at over 20 years old has developed reoccurring cracks in the firebox.  The reoccurring cracking problem does not warrant continuous crack welding.
  • Mid-Field Service Road.  This project includes the construction of a new service road for Airport vehicles and equipment to safely and securely move from the west to the east side inside the security fence near the airfield.  The existing service road, which was built in 2005, is 560 feet long, and at 18 years old is damaged beyond repair and requires replacement.  The new service road will be relocated to the north of the old road in a better location, straightened out for easier access and strengthened for use by larger equipment.  The new road will be 1,000 feet long, 24 feet wide and consist of 3" of asphalt over 4" of base course with a retaining wall to meet grades and control drainage.
  • Reconstruction of the Airport Commercial Aircraft Ramp - Schedule IV Project.  This project will reconstruct approximately 56,185 square feet of ramp where the airlines park aircraft.  The existing ramp was constructed in 2001 and includes an asphalt pavement section built in 2006 for smaller aircraft that is not strong enough to support the aircraft that will be parking at the new Concourse B when it is completed.  Three sections of the commercial ramp (Schedules I - III) were replaced previously between 2019 - 2021.  This will be the final phase of the commercial aircraft ramp reconstruction.
  • Terminal Expansion/Remodel Project.  This is a continuation of an ongoing phased Terminal Expansion/Remodel Project that includes the expansion and replacement of both Concourses and the addition of airline gates. Phase 3 incudes the construction of the new TSA queuing area, the addition of new restrooms at the top of the stairs, the remodel of the old TSA Screening area into a new lower lobby area to include relocating and installing a new escalator, elevator and stairs. Phase 4 includes demolition of the old Concourse B and all new construction of the new Concourse B with four new hold rooms, restrooms, display areas, electrical, data and HVAC rooms.  Phase 5 will consist of remodeling and updating the existing Commuter Concourse C hold room area to match the other two new concourses, the addition of new restrooms, a Service Animal Relief Area (SARA) and modernizing the exit hall and corridor to baggage claim.