Flight Arrivals & Departures

Flight Information

While we make every attempt to ensure that this airline flight schedule is timely and correct, we cannot guarantee its accuracy due to last minute changes and delays by the individual airlines. For up-to-the-minute arrival and departure times, please consult the websites of the major airlines.

Click on these links to view a "monthly schedule" of flight arrivals and flight departures.

The Airport's "real time" flight information is currently available via FlightView. You can also check flight status by individual airline on the website of the airline on which you are traveling. For easy access to all of the airline websites, please click on major airlines.

For a map of airline gates inside the Airport Terminal, please consult the airline gate map.

For an estimate of wait times at airport security screening, please consult whatsbusy.com. This website estimates wait times at airport security screening areas across the U.S. It is based on flight schedules and how many lanes TSA has open. The Airport encourages customers to arrive early and allow ample time for parking, check in, and screening prior to any flight. Be sure to check with your airline on recommended arrival times.